Thursday, July 28, 2016

Summer holidays in Colombia: Tumaco

Rode down to the coast, 300km or so, with sobrino JuanFe, alias Super Pipe or Mini Nairo Quintana.  Es Berraco!  16 years old.  There has been a tranportation-truckers strike for 40 .....we rode back up too!  up to 3200m.

land of the cuy....

Nariz del Diablo....devil´s nose, build into the side of the cliff

plenty of security on the main roads

fixing a flat...just leave the bike on the road....not much traffic

can this kid ever eat!!

end of the road in Tumaco

Mini Froome goes for a the warm waters of Tumaco

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3 plates later.....breaky buffet

:(  little boy died in this accident.....

police...military....etc all over the main roads

giddy up mini froome

looking back up the devil´s nose

note the road on both sides of the nose...hanging off the cliff

looking down to the coast from 3200m

breath-taking scenery......  a cycling paradise

sugar cane based, licorice flavored alcohol....without how do they ferment it?  Wonder if they make a de-alcoholized version for me?

OK...we cheated at the end and got a ride back up the last climb to Pasto as we were running out of time-daylight.  Easy to chuck the bikes on the back of a Chiva

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