Saturday, December 6, 2014

Fall into winter....

R and C on what seems to be becoming our annual buzz up Tunnel Mtn.

Pair of silly bums in the bush

Johnstone lake with the jagged tooth of Mt. Louis in the background

At lake Minnewanka

Stewart Canyon

Banff hot springs

Thai restaurant in Banff

Our fave restaurant...a few blocks from our house

Pho Thanh Vietnamese Noodle House

Another go at the climbing wall at MEC

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In a friend's basement

The following scrambles are with Colleagues from work.  Nayem on Yamnuska

The big bad chain on Yam

Cory on Observation peak

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Diana on Cory pass

Miguel and Arce.....glad I don't have to pack that kind of weight anymore!

Little Miss Carla turns 6

....looks like winter is here to stay.....
Last year's precipitation chart for Calgary.  Green is rain and is snow.  .Hey!  5 months of the year without snow!

Maria wins a half the snow

.....just another old goat in the bush

Monday, October 13, 2014

Fall 2014

Ramon hanging out at Johnstone's Canyon

Secret cave at Johnstone's Canyon

.....and a secret waterfall, that you can walk behind!

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Mt. Rundle and the 1st Vermillion lake.

2km cross country race for the kids.

Mom was 4th overall and 1st master.

Ramon on one of the glacial erratics from the Jasper area.

The simple joy of running.

Carla on the old swing /merry go round at Heritage park.

He can climb mountains but ferris wheels really freaks him out!

Mama's 44th birthday dinner.
Biking in Nose Hill Park.

That's my little man!

Mts...Burgess, EEOR, Cascade and Rundle

It's all about balance.  Last September I worked every weekend into fat, stressed and sick.  Not this year. Yes work is even more demanding, but I need exercise and time in nature to keep life in balance.  So one day a week for the last 4 weeks, we've been out in the mtns.  From the summit of  Mt. Burgess.... Emerald lake below.  Mt. Carnarvon on the left and the Presidents on the right....climbed those about 15 years ago.

Emerald lake and Mt. Burgess.

Tabernac on the summit of Burgess.  Wapta on the left and Hector mid right...other peaks I've bagged in the years gone by.  Not sure what the snowy peak in the distance is.

Heading down the gully on Burgess.

Tabernac signs the register.

Heading up EEORR, with Ha Ling/Chinaman's peak surrounded by a moat of fog.

Exposure doesn't seem to bother him.

Looking south to the 3 sisters.

The old man of the mountain points the way to the summit.

Ramon trying to open the summit register

In order to write this.....

..........followed by a nap

Hanging out on EEOR with a view to Assinaboine.

Al playing some Stevie Ray

Just like the 7 year old needed a does the 67 year old

A brown looking black bear on the way up Mt. Norquary

...and a grouse

....and a Raven on the summit of Cascade

Cory heading up Cascade

....with the flat east face of Mt. Louis in the background: the high water mark of my climbing experiences.

El mono on the final push to the summit of Cascade.  Third time up there.

Mt. Norquay ski runs in the background.

Cory arriving at the summit

Cory's first scramble!!

Keeping out of the wind.

Kim on his way up Rundle....passing thru the Dragon's back...a narrow rib 1/2 way up.

Kim on the summit.  I've seen this look before....wondering how he's going to get down!   His first scramble in 20 years!  That makes 3 all total.

On the summit....Cascade in the background.  My 3rd time up here as well.  Spent the night on the summit in 97.

Yup....including spray painting rocks I guess.  Cascade was the only peak in the rockies with graffiti that I knew off.  Now Rundle has paint all over it.  :(