Thursday, July 28, 2016

Summer holidays in Colombia: Pasto

Tia Cris y la Mafe

Papi Ramon a los 93 anitos

Carla and Tio Julio picking uvillas



The new steed.  Bought it from a good friend here in Colombia and here it will stay.  No more bike boxes.

Hockey day in Pasto

La Carlola haciendo los envueltos

I don´t see it often, but people are starting to pick up their dog poop with plastic bags here.

Mama the cuy expert

Oh what joy :)

Lunch with mami maruja

Hanging out with La Mami

Walking papi Ramon to la misa

Mafe and her new bike!

Carla loves going to tio Julio´s farm every day

learning to wash clothes the hard way

Soco and Maria on their way up la cruz

the view of part of pasto from part way up la cruz

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