Wednesday, January 1, 2003


Article in the Canmore Leader

Took me 6 years to scramble up all 102 peaks in "Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies"(1st edition). I was the 1st person to complete the guide book along with another friend Roberto Pavesio, who took only 4 years.
Here is the Author, Alan Kane's website
Here's my review of the book on
My Bible, Jan 1 2000
Steve Tober (Calgary, Canada) - See all my reviewsWow...what can I say, other than this book has had a major impact on my life. From a valley bottom, trail dweller, "Scrambles" has shown me how to reach the heights without having to bother with the burden of carabiners, ropes, etc... If the essence of this guide book could be summed up in one word...that word would be FREEDOM. The Canadian Rockies are not a heavily travelled area (except for the main street of Banff!). With the exception of a few popular peaks, one is unlikely to encounter other people of most of these scrambles. Alan's route descriptions are concise and accurate, which is of great importance, especially under less than ideal conditions. There is a magical world waiting to be discovered in these mountains and "Scrambles" is the perfect passport to many adventures, here in the Canadian Rockies

Mt. Temple

Mt. Temple Sunrise....start at Morraine lake at midnight under a full moon...summit around 5am Note the morning shadow of Mt. Temple in the distance

Presidents....Yoho National Park

Raj al Ghoul Libya

Raj al Ghoul

Mt Stephen above Field BC

Cracks on Mt Ball

Mt. Lorrette Kananaskis ....where is the rope Vaughan? Oh, it's in my pack.

Monty and Jaden on Fairview above Lake Louise

Maria on Mt. Blackiston, Waterton National Park

Eiffel Peak with Mt. Fay in the background, above Morraine lake, Banff National Park

Studley on Mt. Andromache

Ptarmagin Pk

The high water mark of my climbing experiences. Mt. Louis

So where is that rope Vaughan? In your pack again? Mt. Louis

Final summit push. I think we need the rope now. Mt. Louis

last rap off of Mt. Louis. Vaughan is just a tiny little speck at the top of the rope.

2nd last rap off Mt. Louis.

Mt. Yamnuska scree

Maria on The Yam

Grillmair route on Mt. Yamnuska

Vaughan on the Grillmair route Mt. Yamnuska

Grotto Mtn. above Canmore

Pat on Mt. Baldy

George.....The Mitre

Vaughan....summit Eisenhower pk

Roberto on Devil's Head

Devil's Head

The Mitre

Commonwealth pk

Illiniza Norte....Ecuador

Cascade....above Banff Assinaboine in the distance...Nove

Chris on Mt the summer

Summit of Mt. appendage of Mt Assinaboine

Eon in the forground

This is a ragtag collection of photos.....many, many more are in print form (and some of these are digi pics of prints) in photo albums in storage in Calgary. I haven't been back to Calgary for 5? years and these are all the climbing photos that I took with me on my laptop. I'll need to do a major update at some point in the future!


That's Maria in the bottom left corner. From a New Dehli newspaper for the World half marathon champs in 2004 Caption claims she is the IAAF XC champion! I think she was 50th or so.

New Delhi World Half Marathon Champs....Maria is number 4 at the back.
Canadian half marathon rankings for 2004

Vancouver Sun Run 10k

World xc Lausanne Switzerland

Track race Bogota

When I grow up, I wanna run fast like my mommy.

Benghazi Libya

Mel and Lucy.....Maria and Ramon

5th Colombian XC 2008

Colombian xc

World XC Lausanne Switzerland

World XC

World xc Brussels

Seoul Eikeden

Provincial xc

St. Patricks 10k Calgary

XC provincials....Maria and Lisa

Yokohama Eikeden

Mother's day 10k Calgary Herald