Monday, October 14, 2013

Fall-Autumn Another first for the kids

Ramon trying to catch up to Carla.  1km race....he outkicked her at the finish.

Carla flying with both feet off the ground....her mom's secret.

At the finish, with dad taking a photo in the background.

Maria crossing the Elbow river.

First time ever!  Maria seems to have forgotten how!

......and some hiking

Carla the reindeer

Tons of mushrooms this year....with the very wet spring they had.

Carla's mossy moustache

....and some cycling up nose hill

3 sisters in the background....down to zero but very cozy

Great to have the table out when we are driving, as they love to colour.  Thank D and D for the idea!

Dad had to sleep by himself upstairs

No sibling rivalry here....nary a peep :)


Ice skating-Ramon's FIRST time!

Maria forgot how to skate