Thursday, July 28, 2016

Summer holidays in Colombia: El circunvular/ride around Volcan Galeras

It´s a 130km ride around the volcan.  We cut about 15 km off by getting a ride in a small truck called a piajjio, so Ramon and Mafe wouldn´t have to ride up the main hiway.

Team Endorphin Adventures (We miss you Studley!)

bro and sis

Where Carla goes.....bear goes too

Mafe and of many, mechanic, tailor

Mimi Froome

Super Mama

Visting a former student Vladamir and his family....(gotta do something about those man boobs!)

el cafe



hanging with tia cris´s mom.....where we spent the first night at their finca

sugar cana

cane harvest

un descanso

flying horses even.....

Super pipe!

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Canchas de the hotel in La Florida ....the 2nd night.

Cafe con arepa.....for breaky for the final half day ride home

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