Sunday, December 17, 2017

Hockey videos....

Run, ski, sled, hike, bike, soccer, hockey........

Had a major hard drive/mother board crash, but managed to salvage most photos.  Had a good dump of snow in November and then record breaking temps in December.

....a few days later

How to motivate the boy to go for a bike ride...a vanilla bean, almond milk, frapuccino

Crazy about soccer.  Doing the indoor circuit this winter.

Not a chem trail....a chinook type cloud I guess!

Ken...who I met climbing in Ecuador.

Never one minor incident of sibling rivalry between these two! Ha!

Night skiing at COP

At Lake Louise for the men's World Cup Downhill.

Al at an ever young 70, on his way up Prairie Mountain; Calgary's Grouse Grind.

Any the ever young and lovely Lynne, doing her best tree pose, along side the masters.

Now that is a look of hockey aggression! get out of his way!



Friday, October 20, 2017

Bit o this and that....

These pics are somewhat out of order....from Aug/Sept/Oct
Cherries in Calgary!  In Al's super garden.

My new classroom.  Grade 6 middle school.  Math/Science and Outdoor/Environmental Ed.  Change keeps life exciting!

The goose chasing geese!

Elisa my former student from 5 years ago in Ecuador with her parents, our good friends Maria Victoria and Robert.  They now live in Ottawa as Robert accepted a position as Associate Director Climate Change at the International Development Research Centre (IDRC, Canada)   Great to see you again!

Pablo and La Prima Betty from Bogota came for a visit too!

Las nenas

In the front of our place.

Off for a 3 hour float to downtown Calgary.

Ramon prefered to read his book!

....and Clifford and Annette came for a visit too!  In fume filled Fiat Spider.

Dad's new Jeep Grand Cherokee.  The power of the 4.7L motor netted him 3 speeding camera tickets.  So he sold it 1.5 months later.  It was the motor's fault, not his heavy foot.  Didn't need it...the Sienna is much more comfy....and gutless with a 3L motor :)

Dad's 55th b'day prezzie from his kidlets

Veggie kabobs

Maria having a go in Don's homemade Kart.


...and Alpacas in Salmon Arm

Fresh BC fruit....yum!

Gramma and Ramon

Don and Deb

One way to keep kids under control!

The following pics are taken at the Enchanted Forest near Revelstoke.

Spawning salmon

One Colombian cycling champion....

....and another more current one!

Going for a stroll with the Tia Betty in Bogota

At the plant nursery down the road; buying a new plant for the house.

On our way to the airport and back to Cowtown.