Sunday, June 3, 2018

A week packed full of thrills, fun and excitement with Uncle Darren!

Well....we managed to entice Uncle Darren out for a entering him in the Calgary 1/2 marathon!  Now about 20 years ago, Maria flew out to Halifax to meet her bro and sis in law for the first time and run the national xc in Moncton.  At that time, Darren wanted nothing to do with we'd like to think that just maybe....his sister in law's passion has influenced him :)

Carla posing as a champ, or about to stomp on her brother's head in front of the Saddledome.

Good for 3rd place in the 1/2 marathon national championship.

Darren pulled off a 5 minute PB....but he's not smiling because he wanted a 10 minute PB!

Maria 3rd place

Pho stomach gut soup.  Not what he thought he ordered.

Cooling their heels in the Bow

And so with Uncle Darren being such a cool dude, dad thought he might steal a bit of Darren's mojo, by imitating his hairstyle.  The kids had A LOT of  fun in the process!

Ok...this isn't fun anymore.

Now that's more like it!

A former navy sailor at the helm.  Rafting the Elbow River with Carla and Papa.

He's even a BBQ chef!  Can you say veggie dog?

The goose hanging out.

Mama and baby boy are now evenly balanced.  Only one moment in time.  Bet Ramon's heavier today!

Snowing on Prairie mtn.  

Zipped out to the mtns while the kids where in school!  What a nice change!

Heading back down to the Elbow River with 75 year old Siri in the lead.

A rainy day bike ride around the city.

Off to the mighty Yam once again.  4th time for Ramon and the 2nd time for Maria and Carla.

Raven's End-Yamnuska.  Just had the author of that book in my class a few weeks ago.

Huddling up while dad heads up to the ridge to check on the weather.

The 'very scary traverse'

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Panorma of the traverse section

No turning back now!

Darren on the summit of the Yam.  Could this be his first real climb ever?

Even the squirrels love Uncle Darren!

Never had a Raven take food from my hand!  (Yes I know, we humans should keep our own unhealthy food to ourselves!)

Backside scree....and snow from the previous day.

Ramon and Maria

Carla, Darren, Maria

Coming around the front side for the big scree run down.

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Ready to head up the Tower of Babel, above Moraine Lake.

Ramon's cracking fart jokes....

Uncle Darren in action

What else would you expect on the summit of a mountain....but a couch....made of stone.

Ready for take off

The tower in the background

Who needs Nova Scotia, when you can have the Rockies???

Post climb....Darren and Ramon kayaking the Bow river in Banff.

.....and Carla and Maria.....