Saturday, January 13, 2018

Xmas in Halifax with the Davenports

Dec 24

Flew to Halfax on the 25th, 10 mins before landing, the winds were too strong and we got diverted to Montreal.

...for two days

Food and accomodation paid for by Westjet

Of course a Canadian would watch hockey while running on the treadmill.

Leaving Montreal

Something strange going on here!

....that explains it!

Carla and bear tricking the pilots...

....Speak out....bit of a strange game

In Darren's new man cave/loft/studio/bar/garage, but most importantly for the kids....the Wii entertainment centre!

Would love to have plugged into this amp.....couldn't get it to work until.....

Super Emily's pancake breaky

Super Emily!

lil sis :)

....and her 'baby' boy Ryan

Quite the difference in head pieces between father and son

The ocean is THAT cold.  Frozen crab.

Master musician Ryan, plays a sample of his own creation.

Ramon's 11th birthday Dec 30

Ryan leading a rousing rendition of happy b'day

Ryan had a hard time shakin' this monkey off his back.

Ramon's xmas present.....a cool drone with a camera

Off for a hike in the Nova Scotia woods

Doing the DAB

oh Christmas tree oh Christmas tree, how lovely are.....

The Atlantic

First time we'd seen frozen salt water....

Northwest Arm

Dingle Tower, Sir Sanford Flemming Park

Acorn leaves....

Fergusons Cove


Super Papa! ....hell....I can barely do 3 pushups....from the knees

The kids think Happy Bunny is hilarious :)

The Super Davenports!

Carla and her Tia showing their similarities

ooo la la.....lost count of how many of these we ate

Another weather bomb meant that our direct flight on Friday morning, turned into a 2am flight, with a 6 hour stopover in Toronto to get home.   Ah, but it was all worth it to spend some precious family time with my only sibling and her super family!