Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The old man's still got it! (after that run he had to recover the rest of the afternoon)

Ramon 'water skiing' powder....poppin' wheelies!

Ramon's first ride on a the rain

4 Slope Soaker highlights from Fernie

Even more winter fun or...if you can't beat winter, join it.

Well...spring skiing this year turned into endless powder skiing.  So far in 8 weeks we've managed to ski: Panorama, Lake Louise, Norquay, Revelstoke, Silver Star, Golden, Castle and Fernie.  Fresh powder at every one of them, ending with some of Fernie's famous showers.

Ramon resting up for yet another 5,000 vertical foot run.

Love the artwork on my new, made in Canmore, skiis.

Feeding the boy right.  Yup....that would be a veggie burger.

Revelstoke: Gobs of snow...over 10 metres

....squeezed in a visit with Grandma Lori, camping out out on her floor for two nights.

The all terrain park at Silver Star is the best yet.

One way to keep warm!

Kicking Horse/Golden.  4,000 vertical feet and steep runs....

Golden: with Canada's highest restaurant in the upper left side of the photo

Ready to ski Whitewall: Ramon's 1st double black

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Whitewall...what a massive bowl!

The entrance and short climb up to Whitewall

1/2 way down Whitewall.

The views at Castle Mtn.

Free hugs before every chair lift ride on blue chair at Castle.  A very personal vibe at this resort!

Slush cup at Castle mtn....last day of the year.

....along with some outdoor entertainment.

Always great to wake up to this in the mountains, rather than getting up to face it going to work!

...only a little bit....once in a while :)

"Is spring here yet?" asks Carla, showing off her new bike.
Nothing like a modest log cabin in the woods in Fernie.  With a chairlift in front a 7 trucks/suvs in the driving way with Alberta plates.

Ramon's first run at Fernie.  The town is in the distance.

Ramon's 1st time snowboarding.  The first run he fell 20 odd times.  The second run 2 times.  Then he got off the beginner chair and headed up the hill!  Guess what dad has to buy next.



Slope Soaker at Fernie....another last day.  Will the bunny make it?

Not quite....



"Water" skiing.....

Popping wheelies.  Nothing like leaning back and letting 'er rip for the pure fun of it!

Visting a former collegue Cory and his brood.

Maria with the trophy she won 20 years ago.  For winning the XC race series 2 decades later.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Ramon doing his other thing.....(when there are no soccer games or practices)

Note the Avi debris on the left.

More winter fun

Continuing from the last blog post, when you are having fun, best to repeat and have more fun!  Carla is enjoying her weekly climbing club; seems she's inspired a few family members as well!  

Mom's first time!  ...and Ramon in the background.

...and wouldn't you know it, even Uncle Don is getting into the act, apparently having taken up a new sport in his retirement, while on vacation in Asia.  Rumour has it, that he was so inspired that he's considering trading in his two wheeled steeds for a rope and harness :)   (yup...looks like old dogs can indeed learn new tricks)

Al and Lynn testing out our newly expaned dinning room table.  Food wasn't bad either :)

The family listening intently to one of Al's tall tales.

Pining for Golden Acres.

Ramon on the backside of Lake Louise

Dad's fave run; H gulley, while Ramon takes the blue run, boomerang, around the back and we meet at the bottom. 

Mt. Temple.  Time to take Ramon up there.  Dad's been up 5 times, 4 of those leaving at midnight to watch the full moon set and the sun rise.


One can never have too many photos of Mt. Temple!  Ramon kind of got in the way :)

Up the summit platter

Snoopy sunning himself on Mt. Hector.

Ramon digging himself out of a hole.

Dad still yearning to fly, since he hasn't used his pilot's license since he got it back in 1993.

More Mt. Temple anyone?  Ramon, get outta the way!

Ramon feeding the wildlife in a national park--Resident Whiskey Jack at Temple Lodge.

Sticker on a ski lift....

Ramon having a skate on Lake Louise

Here comes a flying.....

Classic face plant :)

Pow on Mt. Norquay

Ski resorts all seem to have terrain parks these days.

Ramon getting in the way of a beauty shot of Mt. Rundle.

Brunos for apres ski--best veggie burgers anywhere!  Ramon ate the salad with his french toast.

...and of course, mom doing her thing.