Sunday, March 5, 2017

Winter 2017-Active kids, aging dad and record breaking mom

Dining out at...........Ikea :)

Over the last few years, a variety of sport companies have opened up shop in wharehouse space beside the airport... a 5-10 minute drive from home.  Bit pricey at $20 per kid, but great fun when it's -20 or so outside.


Flying Squirrel....with the Goose ready for take-off.

Sure glad they love the snow....with 6 months of it.

Ramon testing out his new boards.

Chinook Arch over Nakiska

Lost his ski in the Pow.

Roller hockey in my school gym.  

Mr. Hockey

Dad's new bike with 700cc narrow tires for the first time.  $1,000 at MEC....(thanks for the great service Aaron!)   Winter can't end soon enuf!

Ramon's new bike from Kijiji for $250...with 700 cc tires

Playing soccer at the Canadian sports hall of fame.

Pics from various cross country races.....the kids now do the 4km....couple more years yet for ramon to try the 8km I think.

Carla's and her piggy hat collection.

Dad struggling to keep up in the background.

Carla and her piggy hats....

You know your gettin' old when.......The same ski boots you used up until a few weeks ago (finally got new ones) are on display at the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame.  These were Karen Percy's boots that she used to win a bronze medal in the women's downhill.  A relic of the 1988 winter olympics.

You know you're gettin' old decide to sell your climbing equipment that's been collecting dust in the basement for the last 15 years.  So you place an add in Kijiji and ask for an offer for the whole kit.  The offer I got you ask?.....$20 bucks as the guy wanted to use the historical relics to adorn his man cave with.  (Ha.....fortunately someone beat him to it with $80.)
......and so it Maria continues to break records running.....I do the opposite by breaking into a walk when I go for a run.

A note posted by Maria's team mate on FB today.
Two races, two records for our talented teammate Maria Zambrano. Broke her own W45 Canadian indoor masters records for 1500 & 3000 in 4:43 & 10:02. Sets a good example for having a calm, focused & positive attitude to achieve goals.
This was after the Athletics Canada and Alberta awards in the previous post!

Friday, February 3, 2017

Canadian Masters Athlete of the Month – January

W45 Maria Zambrano AB broke the Canadian Indoor record for 3000m with a 10:07.90 at the Golden Bear meet in Edmonton in January. Age grade 92.04%.
Honorable Mention
M75 Marcel Jobin PQ – CAN 1500m Racewalk record in 8:31.06
M65 Peter Zowkewych ON –   Won the USATF Heptathlon Championships with a Canadian Record 4235 points

She was also awarded Alberta Masters track athlete of the year for 2016.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Endorphin adventures road trip to Vegas/Red Rock Canyon

So here's another Endorphin Adventures, or Squirrel and Studley tale. These two guys met in 1989 and over those 27 years, Studley has trekked halfway around the world, from Australia, to visit Squirrel seven times now...but who's counting. Each time we simply just catch up, where we left off, a few years back; it's as easy as that. Even if it's in a different country. 

This time I flew to Calgary, where Squirrel lives now and we had a road trip down to Vegas. Twenty hours driving, gave us a chance to catch up and bring us up to speed with each others lives. As soon as we hit Vegas, we leapt out of the van and launched into a little hike to loosen up the legs, we didn't waste any time. Most of our hiking was in Red Rock Canyon, just out of Vegas. Other hikes were down near Lake Mead and hot springs near the Colorado river. 

Squirrel planned the whole thing, I simply just followed. He is a master of the plan and keeps a mean list, in his pocket, at all times. I am very lucky to have a friend like him. I am also fit enough to keep up with him, which helps immensely. Every day was planned to perfection and he knows Vegas like the back of a dealer's hand.

I feel there is no need to comment on each photo, on this blog entry; a picture really does paint a thousand words. We are simply hiking/scrambling to the top of a mountain each time. We park the van, walk through beautiful desert, through beautiful canyons, up a wash, over a rock fall, and climb over bigger rocks, until we get to the top. It's as simple as that. But you need to look how much fun we are having, hiking, scrambling and wriggling through little cracks in rocks or shimmying up bigger cracks or pulling ourselves up ropes on trickier bits.  

Check out the beautiful desert scenery; the rich colours of the rocks and the hardy vegetation. You can tell that we are happy just being a part of it, there was something magical about the colour of the rock; it calmed you, yet inspired you at the same time. Our hikes took longer than the hiking notes in a book suggested. It was nothing to do with us being in our fifties, we just stopped and admired the scenery and took a gazillion photos, which added an extra hour each way. I'm happy to race the authors of these hiking books up the mountains on another occasion, if a fast time is important. 

So these photos show ten days of good clean, healthy fun, shared by two great mates, in a great location.  We hope that other people can experience something as good as we did. We both sincerely apologise to the gambling state of Nevada for not spending/losing and average of $534 per person in a casino. We did eat in some lovely restaurants in the casinos, so hopefully that will count. 

So until next time my friends- where Squirrel said he is coming over to Australia in a few years time. We can't wait.


Studley and Squirrel

Keeping Red Rock clean


Looks like Studley made it to the top of the spire in the previous photo.

Looks steeper than it is.....

Where's that rope?

Pine box drop....

Arizona Hot springs....on the way down to the Colorado River

Spirit Mountain...Near Laughlin

Magic Mountain

Contrails over Vegas

Grey Cap Peak

Piazza San the Venetian

On top of the Muffin

Nature's custom made sofa

Moon rise in the Bellagio

Studley missing Lib

Gunsight notch peak (can you see Vegas under Studley?)

Home of the massive Burrito.  This is now in place of the the Pizza joint I worked at many moons ago.

Studley above the Colorado

Left to right:  Encore, Trump, Wynn, Venetian, ?

Red Cap Peak

Studley the master photographer.

Ceasar's front desk

One of the Red Stone Peaks summits by Lake Mead

Goldstrike Hot Springs

Studley leaving a trail of dust as he rides the scree.

Spirit mtn

This was astounding.  I hadn't seen any cirque shows and stayed away from youtube, so as not to spoil it.

Squirrel gets his kale fix on the drive down.

Back yard of the Air B and B we stayed at.

Ramon and Studley climbing at the Hanger back in Cowtown.

Studely trying to emmulate the form of the champs above him.

....this helped

Early Xmas before we left for Vegas


The Coach and the Champ

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