Monday, May 9, 2022

A 360 (heli) before turning 60 :)

Attempt #1   a 90
Attempt #2  a 180

Finally...and I'm still in one piece.  The pressure was on as the ski season progressed.  I was regretting that I had told my students earlier in the year!  Next will be a 720 before turning 70­čść

Jan to May 2022...I think

The view to the south at Sunshine.
Goose eating her cornies
The Goose and her fave tree
Warm in the bubble with heated seats

Beaver Tail delight

Sunrise heading up the Yam

New trail, new signs

My fave tree

Vaughan approaches the summit

Prairie mtn
The Goose at Sunshine
Rockwall in Kootenay Park to the west

Spreading her wings....

Vaughan on Opal Ridge Traverse
Sheep on Opal Ridge Traverse

Opal range
Looking over to Grizzly Peak and Kananaskis Lakes

Waterfall on the way up G8 Peak
Sniper in the summit register on G8 summit.  Rumor has it that snipers were placed on various peaks about Kananaskis Lodge during the G8 summit with Bush in 2002.

Putting the sniper back into the ammo box
Great view of Nakiska from G8 peak.

Knarly old guy.

Johnstone's Canyon
Ink Pots
The Gringe

Tabernac in Johnstone's canyon
Wowee.  Lenticular cloud about LL ski area
Mom's parting gift from Picadilly Terrace.  2nd longest resident.
Going thru mom's stuff.  What a job that was!

Chinook arch over Calgary
Mom in her new place at Pleasant Valley Manor in Armstong.

Vaughan on Mt. Baldy

A gift from one of my students :)

Mt Nelson in Panorama....a long climb many years ago.
Mt Nelson again
Assinaboine top RHS from Panorama

Ramon's full moon shot
Peak on the RHS is the painting above.  Don't know the name though.  Take a look, it matches up.

Tabernac and his Mickey D's fix.
Spring has sprung
Studley's kite flies again

Fancy Chinese dinner with the Goose.
Ramon on the backside of Kicking Horse
Ramon takes flight at Panorama
That's not a gringe
The siblings

Doing laps on the Goat

Mt Fryatt.  Great spot to dirt bag it in the back of the van, to ski Marmot Basin the next day.
Marmot Basin.  1st time skiing there.  The question every newbie asks about this hill....why does that chairlift not go to the top?
Quick visit to Chetwynd to see Clifford and Annette.  A tour of the town hall revealed a photo of grandpa (in the middle) from way back!
Main street with Mt. Baldy in the background
Chillin' with UNCLE cliff and Annette
Opening day at the greenhouse at Moberly lake
Chef Annette whipping up some mighty fine enchiladas.  Yum.
Ramon is on 2 soccer teams this spring
Maria training for the Calgary Marathon at the end of May

Frosty the snow runner :)

Great foto of Studley and Lib....fancy threads.