Sunday, March 18, 2018

Ramon doing his other thing.....(when there are no soccer games or practices)

Note the Avi debris on the left.

More winter fun

Continuing from the last blog post, when you are having fun, best to repeat and have more fun!  Carla is enjoying her weekly climbing club; seems she's inspired a few family members as well!  

Mom's first time!  ...and Ramon in the background.

...and wouldn't you know it, even Uncle Don is getting into the act, apparently having taken up a new sport in his retirement, while on vacation in Asia.  Rumour has it, that he was so inspired that he's considering trading in his two wheeled steeds for a rope and harness :)   (yup...looks like old dogs can indeed learn new tricks)

Al and Lynn testing out our newly expaned dinning room table.  Food wasn't bad either :)

The family listening intently to one of Al's tall tales.

Pining for Golden Acres.

Ramon on the backside of Lake Louise

Dad's fave run; H gulley, while Ramon takes the blue run, boomerang, around the back and we meet at the bottom. 

Mt. Temple.  Time to take Ramon up there.  Dad's been up 5 times, 4 of those leaving at midnight to watch the full moon set and the sun rise.


One can never have too many photos of Mt. Temple!  Ramon kind of got in the way :)

Up the summit platter

Snoopy sunning himself on Mt. Hector.

Ramon digging himself out of a hole.

Dad still yearning to fly, since he hasn't used his pilot's license since he got it back in 1993.

More Mt. Temple anyone?  Ramon, get outta the way!

Ramon feeding the wildlife in a national park--Resident Whiskey Jack at Temple Lodge.

Sticker on a ski lift....

Ramon having a skate on Lake Louise

Here comes a flying.....

Classic face plant :)

Pow on Mt. Norquay

Ski resorts all seem to have terrain parks these days.

Ramon getting in the way of a beauty shot of Mt. Rundle.

Brunos for apres ski--best veggie burgers anywhere!  Ramon ate the salad with his french toast.

...and of course, mom doing her thing.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Ramon doing his thing....

Grandma Lori comes for a visit

Carla hanging out at The Hanger Climbing Park

Ramon's new Soccer game...a Christmas prezzie from the Davenports.

Ramon in the foreground, heading down field to do what he likes best: score goals!

Kim up on Barrier Lookout during a warmish January day.  The mighty Yam in the background.

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Ramon at the new indoor BMX park

The subtle beauty of a few minute snow flakes.....

Chef Goose

Carla's new sport.  She's joined the junior climbing club!

What brave and talented Goose!

Learning to boulder (Any tips Studley?)

Grandma Lori trying Vietnamese noodle soup for the first time.

The United church manse where Mom and Bob live for 5 years in the early 90's

With her good friend Diane at her home outside of Nanton

The fine art? sport? of thrift store shopping....with the expert!

Grandma Lori teaches Carla how to make cinnamon buns

Back in Salmon Arm on a Monday and not one of the 3 Chinese food places were open.  Had to settle for liver and onions.

Dinner with Mike at a great Indian restraunt; Namaste

Carla enjoying Yunan cuisine at the Silk Road restraunt in Calgary.  Rice baked in a pineapple and spicy potatoe cake.

Time to scrape it off and ski it at Panorama

Ramon's first powder day.  Panorama weekend.  Hadn't been there since 91 and worked there for a month in 82!

Got a free upgrade to a $300 suite!

Mt. Nelson in the distance......climbed that in 2001.  Almost 2000m vertical gain.

Looks like he's landing on the cloud.

Three classy huts on the hill at Panorama.....great veggie burgers and fine baked goods.

....along with some fine decaf, almond milk latte :)

....and of course, Maria doing what she does best....(aside from being a great mom!)

This pretty much sums up how I feel about running these days  :)