Sunday, February 10, 2019

January 2019 photos

Powder day at Sunshine!

Ramon's 12th B'day party at Lazer City.

Cliff jumping!

The reason Carla wanted to come to Fernie!  Full of kids trails :)

Post ski day feast at Fernie.

Ramon on his new 160cm skis

Stuck in the trees!

Eating veggies can be fun!

Carla checking out all the options at the intro night to her new school next year (same as Ramon's school)

Our mini ping pong table in the basement

Carla's new room.  The kids now have thier own bedrooms, as mom and dad have been relegated to the basement!
Ramon's room, with Carla's added touch--stuffed animals.

Notice Carla is always smiling while running!

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Nov/Dec 2018 photos

An Amazing day on Maze pk :)

Race with a view-Cochrane

Confederation park XC

Silver Springs XC

Carla ran for a pumkin!

Carla's front step garden corn crop

The Goose turns 10!

Carla and her grade 5 friends

Cory on Wasootch/G8 summit

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Halloween booty

Testing Ramon's new sled in the living room

Karen's wonderful creation, adorning our tree

....along with Carla's preference....anything to do with pigs!


.....and Ramon

New central library.....

Rita and hubby skating for the first time in over 10? years?

Cory, Enna and Ramon

How to protect your goal when you get tired!

Bye bye to the trunk I have hauled around for about 45 years!  Spend a few days chucking out most of the photos in it....and another trunk that was full of slides.

The new Calgary climbing centre at the west end of the city.

Thick ice on Ghost lake resevoir

2/3 of the way to legal adult hood!

Okatoks XC

Ramon wins the 4km at Silver Springs XC!  Taking after his mom :)