Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ilalo....our backdoor hiking destination

Emily on the summit of Ilalo....3200m

Nene Mon on top

Primo Dario on top

Ramon with cousin Dario on top of Ilalo

In the Lupin/Chocho forest

So thick!

Inspired to sing...takes after grandma Lori?

Super M

All manner of animals are attracted to Pato's gentle nature

Ramon and Emily heading up the ridge

Dario on a tricky bit

Ramon collecting some kind of wild berry bushes

Amazon girl leaps the fence in a single bound

Trucking back down the other side....just the bottom part....to La Merced

Showing their pearly whites

La Merced


hippie backpacker chick takes on Ecuador

Kale/bean burgers.  Kale courtesy of seeds that Tia Deb brought.

She be hungry!

Andean blueberry crumble (Mortino)

She sure sucks down that Aunt Jamima pancake syrup.....we all have our weaknesses!

Vegan meal in Tumbaco Veg Restraunt.  Emily has been accepted and enrolled in St Vincent's Bsc nutrution program for Sept 2013!  Congrats!

Joining the locals at the hotsprings


Not broken....fell at school.....bruised elbow.....yet they put it in a full cast after an xray at the hospital!  2 weeks they said!  I took it off after 3 days so he could climb Ilalo.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Uncle Gordon....Artic Circle to the Equator (Who needs Mexico when you have Ecuador)

Gordon sure didn't waste any time in looking for a new squeeze.  Although something smells a little fishy here.  5 years ago, Gordon and Richard visited us in Colombia.  This time he's on his own for a little decompression time in Ecuador.  We drove down to Pedernales after school.  Got there are 9pm.  Next day we checked out a few places.  This being very cool and reasonably priced http://www.puntaprieta.com/   But we ended up here, upon the recommendation of Don and Deb  http://www.hotelbambuecuador.com/  Ramon and I drove back Sunday at 2pm....home by 7:30.

First catch of the day.....catfish.

....and my big catch....(.I thought something was a little fishy here?)

......that's better.......tuna

Stogie and a beach walk.

"You are passing the equator"   A big deal in Quito, but apparently not of the coast.  Had to pull the bushes away to see the darn thing.

Gordon thinking of trading up.....

This bow sticks out of a cliff.  Human body with a Ram's head....name of the boat?  Poseidon

Gordon trying to outdo Ramon....(sorry Don)

....just add water

Hard work....this boat hit one of the big waves going out and really got launched into the air!
There is a tractor for the big ones. 
Surfer dudes....

....more fish and rice dad?

No shortage of single ladies here...

Or here.....there might be plenty of fish, but somewhat elusive catch.

Ramon's one boogie board ride....he'd rather just jump in the waves.

....or pull it along the beach front road in Canoa

View from the hotel in Canoa

Frisbee time

Plenty of space out here

Arco de amor

looking south....

.......and north...from Punta Prieta