Saturday, September 15, 2012

Studley's pros and cons of living in Ecuador and Canada

1.  You can go pee at a bus stop in Ecuador

2.  A queue or line-up is negotiable in Ecuador

3.  You can flush the paper down the toilet in Canada.

4.  Bananas are 5 cents each in Ecuador

5.  You can drink tap water in Canada and not get sick.

6.  You can dry your washing outside for free all year round in Ecuador.

7.   You can play outside all year round in Ecuador.

8.  You can turn your son upside down and pull his pants down on a bus in Ecuador.

9.  There is a good recycling system in Canada for rubbish.

10.  Bus rides cost $1 per hour in Ecuador.

11.  It's safer to eat with your own fingers than using the cutlery in Ecuador.

12.  Canadians are more obsesive-compulsive than Ecuadorians.

13.  Ecuadorians great the whole restaurant with "Buen Provecho"

14.  Ecuadorians can't cook.

15.  Canadians cook a lot of greasy food.

16.  Studley doesn't get sick in Canada.

17.  International text messages are only 11 cents from Ecuador to Australia.

18.  There are really nice people in both countries.

19.  Both countries are spectacular.

20.  ???