Sunday, June 4, 2017

Frontside scree on the Yam

Backside scree on the Yam

Dad sees himself ski for the first time--thanks for videographer Ramon

Paddle, Bike, Ski, Scramble and climb....a tree

Ramon and Maria paddling 40 mile creek as it heads into the Bow river.

Carla my copilot

Reading to ride from Canmore to Banff, while dad heads off to set up camp on Tunnel Mtn.

Watch out for those size 13, smelly feet Carla!

Standing on the pedals, pumping uphill

Rafting down the Elbow river.  Sandy beach to Fort Calgary, where the Elbow meets the Bow in 3 hours.

The world as Ramon sees it, through his new Oakley ski googles

Last day of the year at Sunshine and Ramon's first time skiing there.

New boots, new skiis, poles are 30 years old and the skier is pushing 55.

Sunshine slush cup.  Superman is headed for a pool of water below.

New heated chair at Sunshine, with the bubble cover.  Didn't need heat as it was about 15C

Ramon hittin' the bumps of the Great Divide chair

James on Wasootch

Hadn't seen Christine for about 20 years....summits can be great meeting places :)  We did a few trips with the old Goat Rick....Christine at least about 5 or 6.

Heading up the mighty Yam.  Ramon's 3rd time, Carla's first.

Just follow the blue squares.

On the summit with Calgary somewhere in the flat background.

Ramon ittin' the scree on the backside.

Fidgit spinners go everywhere with them.

The Goose!

More scree.......that's what they came for!

The not so little man in action

Carla way ahead in the distance

Showing their dirty bottoms.

Cooling off afterwards

Carla is not impressed.

That's better.....

Jamshade heading up Mt. Brewster

Jamshade (Afghanistan) nd Oscar (El Salvador) approaching the summit of Mt. Brewster.

Banff dead centre from the summit of Mt. Brewster

Storm coming in....time to get off the summit!

Uncle Clifford indulging in 1.5 lbs of crab at Red Lobster.

What a great looking new steed :)