Monday, July 24, 2017

Butt sliding on Parker Ridge-Isa, Carla and Ramon

Los Calenos en Calgary

WARNING:  This is likely the largest posting I've ever done; 259 photos.   Maria's brother Hector, wife Diana and daughter Isabela arrived in late June for a 5 week stay; their first time out of Colombia, with the exception of Ecuador which is quite similar.  It's always interesting to view the place you live through 'fresh eyes'.

They arrived in time for Ramon's grade 5 grad.  He is front row, third from the right, incase you don't recognize the big boy.  Next year he goes to a 6-9 middle school, Spanish bilingual.

...and then to watch Ramon's team win 2 weekend tournaments!

Lot's of pictures of lovely Isa....some selfies and others taken by master photographer, Carla!

Stampede 5km race; their first road race ever.

We think they enjoyed the post race massage most!

Diana in massage heaven.

Hector and his new bike.  I'm very happy with the new bike I bought at xmas; a hybrid with skinny 700cc tires, so it was time to let this one that I bought in Quito, go to a new home :)   The following pics are from numerous pathway rides around Calgary.

Note the deer in the top right.

Rabbit Rise in Edgemont.

The hard life of the city cyclist.

Geese running to call for help after being attacked by a speeding Colombian cyclist.

Cafe moca at Angel's on the bow, at Edworthy park.

Dedicated bike lanes in downtown Calgary.

Ready to race the chica.

Glenmore reservoir.

Compinches....dressed like twins.

Columbian ground squirrel....all the way from Colombia?

Ramon and Hector ready to race to the other side of Lake Sikome.

Saskatoons were awesome this year; fat and juicy.

They are all over the city.  So what do you do with them when you have so many??

...other than feed each other.....

You read an upside down recipe for sask pie!

Hector cleaning....

How many Colombians does it take to make a pie?  6 to pick and one to buy the pre made pie crust :)

Diana making sasktoon cups with the remainder

Bet you can smell the wholesome sweetness :)

Best served up with Saskatoon Sobet.

Village square leisure centere/wave pool/water slides

On our way out of Calgary to the Schmok family reunion.

A family reunion hike.

Hector knocking them back....he stopped at 3 I think.

....and so it was....

Last spike at the Banff lower springs

Historical reinactments at the lower hot springs.  Cook gossip.

The guy third from the right works as an actor for Parks Canada; he's from Bogota.

Hi tech pogo stick

At our fave noodle place

...all aboard....for a float down the Elbow river

BBQ at Shouldice park.

....along the Bow

Caught you!

Hiding from Carla...

Fresh Canadian fruit?? Imported papaya and oranges kept them happy.

Stampeder's home opener.  Note the 4 fans in the foreground, inconspicously dressed in anything but red.

Don and Deb popped in for a visit.

Mobile Calgary Public Library

Who wants to join the Calgary philharmonic?

Off to Canada day celebrations.  

Connected with Clifford, Annette, Don and Deb downtown on Canada Day.
Carla, Isa, Diana, Annette, Clifford, Maria, Don, Ramon, Me, Deb, Hector.

Peace arch bridge

Canmore for 3 nights at Maria's friend's house.  They live in Calgary and this is their mountain home.  Air hockey!

Diana cooking up a storm.

Johnston's Canyon pics

Carla's bear imitation.

The real thing....we were at the front of the bear jam and really got a close up look for about 5 minutes.  mid size griz

Carla wanted to get out of the car and ride him.

Bow falls

Mt. Rundle

par de romanticos.....

El rey y la reina.  Banff springs hotel.

Climbed up Sulfur mountain for a free ride down.

.....or is that a scary ride down.....

Ramon in the hot tub in Canmore.....always with a book in his hands....

...and hector

Lake Louise

Compinches hiking up to Lake Agnes above Lake Louise

First time ever to touch snow!

Just like kids!

Isa builds her first snowman.

The back of lake Agnes.

Quarry lake in Canmore.  Maria and Ramon

What happends when you get 6 Colombians together?  Game of soccer of course.

Next group of photos.....Off for a day in downtown Calgary.

Calgary Tower

Cool little robot.

Beaver tails.

8th ave Calgary

Touring downtown....Banker's Hall


Inja Nation

Hector with Ramon's kite, that Studley gave him!  What a great kite!

Free Stampede Breakfast down at the YMCA

Douglas fir trail

3 twin towers in a row.

Next photos: Trip to Colombia icefields, with an overnight stay at Rampart creek hostel.  This is Numtija lodge at Bow lake on the icefields parkway

Bow lake, with mount Hector in the middle background, which looks like snoopy from the other side.

Chairs with a view to the Athabasca glacier.  On the way up to Wilcox pass.

Note the Bighorn sheep in the bottom righ hand corner.  Snow dome in the background.

Mount Wilcox.  Studley and I smoked that one in about 1.5 hours about a 1/4 century ago.

Lunch time...

Mount Athabasca

Par de enamorados

Diana, Mount Athabasca and the icefield

Siesta after lunch....

Diana going wild....

Hector jumping for joy....

Isa out jumping them all.

Their first glacier ever.

Roasting marshmellows at Rampart creek hostel

Early morning peace at rampart creek.

Hiking Parker ridge view the Saskatchewan glacier and mount Castleguard.

Couldn't quite get the timing right....hence 2 pics.

Carla has never been the butt of any jokes.......

For cousin Carolina

Austin made in England I think it said.

Ramon has his first go at driving the Sienna.

Fields of gold.  Rapeseed/Canola

Skating at the Olympic Oval in July.  Their first time ever.

Dreaming at Ikea

First time the smoke at Tunnel mountain.  Ramon gives lessons on how to set up a tent.

Tourists on Banff Ave

Eeww....a wee bit burnt thinks Hector

ay chi chay que frio!

Penguins at the Zoo

Last day in Calgary....adios Calenos!  Come and visit anytime!