Monday, February 21, 2011

Slaughter in Libya

We'd just like to let our friends in Libya know that our thoughts are with them and that we hope they are safe.

Let's hope Gadaffi leaves ASAP, so that the slaughter stops.

For the real news of what's happening in Libya, go to:
Warning....very graphic material on some of the videos.

323 kms in one day

Report at the bottom.

The computer time at the bottom flashes when it goes over 10 hours. So that should read 15:41. The average speed of 21.8 stopped at 10 hours too.

Warming up after the rain, in roadside shrine.

Same as above

Strange tree plantation

10km from Esmeraldas....not lookin' too bad for wear.

Esmeraldas river the next day. This is Ecuador's oil port. Lot's of tankers waiting their turn, to keep the wheels of our global economy greased. At least until empire collapse, climate change, overpopulation etc take care of that.

A self-indulgent blog entry here. I had thought about breaking my previous record for kms cycled in one day, which was 277km. So at midnight Friday, I set out under a full moon. Gradual uphill of 800m? vertical over 50km to the top of the pass. Then downhill in the rain for 20min and a total of about 75 "free" kms DH. Through Santo Domingo and Quininde, past the pineapples, cocoa, palm oil trees to Esmeraldas on the coast at 6:30pm....sunset. Whew...just made it. 323kms 15:40 peddaling time. 18.5 hours total for an average of just under 20 kph. Took the first hotel with a chinese food restraunt beside it and flopped out till 6 am. Then rode to the beach...a further 4 km and rode around town. Got on the 8:20 bus and 6 hours later I was dropped off just below Quito and whizzed downhill for 35km to get home by 4pm Sunday. I feel great today. It's the bus that killed me. The seats are made for little people and someone had pissed on my seat, which I didn't notice for about an hour (cycle short padding gradually soaked it up) and as the bus was packed, there was no other seat. yuk. So it only takes the bus 1/3 of the time it takes me to get to the Pacific.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Hands on hips

And she even moves to the rhythm of the music!

Carla on horse

This is real time....I didn't speed it up!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Getting carried away with the soap bar

Leave the kid alone in the bathroom for a few minutes and this is what you get!

Run, bike, hike, swing, visit, pee pee, poo poo

Thee latest family photo.

Still flying at 40

Do her feet ever touch the ground? And that's going uphill!

Swinging above Quito! Weeeeeee! On a ridge separating Quito from the valley we live in.

180 degrees from the above where we the bottom left of the old volcano Ilalo.


Adam cruised thru on his way from the beach to Colombia.

The treehouse out front. Ramon really can hammer in the nails and even start them on his own. There will be more metal than wood in that treehouse soon!

Chocolate poo. Actually that is chocolate cake on her face....the vegan recipe with lots of avacodo in it.

Cyclists Karin and Martin from Holland...on their way south from Alaska.

The pee part of the blog. "Forbidden to pee here...don't be a pig!"