Tuesday, January 6, 2004


I spent 1 month teaching English to Engineering students doing Masters and Phd's at the Harbin Institute of Technology.....China's MIT, or so they tell me. Harbin is way up in Northern China, close to the Russian border. A lot of mechanized farming....a huge contrast from southern China. Harbin is know for its Ice sculpture festival, but fortunately I was there in July/August and it was quite warm.

A very small piece of the futuristic skyline.

Cheers, big nose.

One of my classes

Flying fish

A country family who invited me in for lunch....I met the gentleman on a run up a mountain.

spot the big nose

Aside from swimming in pig fat, some of the best food on the planet.

My other class

Mainpro and Linda.....the class reps who's job it was to look after old big nose.

Russian Orthodox church in central Harbin. I believe this part of the country used to belong to Russia...

Our teaching team....from the US and Canada

Chinese Muslims

I hope not!

Camping chinese style....and I thought European campgrounds were short on personal space!

Good thing they used pictographs! As both signs say "men"

Ok...if you insist

Happy on the way!

Guess I won't bother then.