Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ramon's 1st Bike Tour!

Won't nurse, so we carried her 400m uphill to another nursing mom

Mom, checking on her boy.
Chef Ramon

Guateque, Colombia

The morning Gordon and Rick left, we packed up and rode out of Bogota 60km, mostly flat, and camped in a farmer's field. Next day was mostly downhill to about 1200m and Maria's uncle's farm. Days 3 and 4 were spent touring around the local area...up and down to pretty little colonial towns. Left all the gear at the farm as I came to realize that pulling Ramon in the trailer, and 4 panniers with the added weight of a tent and stove was too much for the uphills, as Ifelt the chain was going to snap. So maybe Santiago to the Peruvian border this summer would have been a wee bit ambitious.
Have 10 days off in May and will likely get ourselves delivered to a hotel 100km or so out of the city and do day trip loops from there. Either that or we'll get put front panniers on Maria's bike and she can carry all the heavy stuff, minus the 12 kilo boy....don't think she'll be impressed though, as she is already carrying the added weight of a new one in her tummy.
Ramon usually got 2 sleeps a day in the trailer. When awake he would "baaa" for every cow he saw and point to chickens, ducks, sheep, birds ect.... Did a total of 170km.
The calf is 3 days old and the mom didn't want to feed him. So we made a stretcher and carried him 200m uphill! ....stopping to feed ourselves at every blackberry patch! And after all that effort, when we got back to the farm, the mom decided to start feeding!