Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Spidey 1 & 2

Este es para el Jefe, Javier :)

Hiking....on the plus 15 system in downtown Cowtown

A chilly -19 this morning, so we thought we'd do an indoor hike!  The plus 15 is a system of walkways that connect the downtown buildings to each other so you don't have to go outside.  15 feet above street level, with 62 bridges and a total of 18kms! 

Cowtown has become skyscraper city.

A couple of new towers....not sure what they are called.  Amazing what petro bucks continue to do.  Run out of the stuff?  Well....we'll worrying about that when we get there.

The steel and glass, twin towers of Banker's hall on the right and the old sandstone Palliser Hotel on the left.

Suncor Energy towers....used to be the tallest

Recently overtaken by the Bow

The not so tall anymore, Calgary tower

The recently renovated Devonian gardens.  Maria hanging out in the tropics.

Complete with an indoor playground

Someone is coming down hard!

City Hall Council Chambers

French vanilla coffee and an xmas donut.  Kinda sums up Calgary....oil and caffeine go hand in hand......how long into the future will the buzz last?   50-100 years from now will we be as rare as the Bison is the photo above?  Bring on that magic bullet!   (Quit reading those left wing/doomer blogs and get your head back in the sand dad!)   (Hey Karen, does a kale smoothie in the morning cancel/balance the negative effects of the indulgence above?)
....and by the end of the day, it had warmed up to plus 6!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Hockey with Ramon

First time outside with a hockey stick.  The kid learns fast.

Winter pics

In Uncle Don's shop

Now try and stand up Tia Deb!

Grandma Lori and Maria

Booger lips lives again!  Don's Halloween costume from way back when.

Ramon skating at Olympic Plaza in front of city hall.

Skating outside on a "warm" sunny day is the best!

Carla with the "airport" Santa

Spaceport at the airport

Feeding the fishies at the Bow Habitat station, a km or 2 from downtown Calgary

Rock art

Ramon's fish

Bow habitat station.....all about water

When I grow up, I wanna be like......

Skip...you'd love this place!

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Fun with Al the fireman turned babysitter :)

Winter trampolining

Maria's new machine.....wonder if she'll ever use it?

Future speed skater in training....

Olympic oval

Carla with the Speed skating Oval Santa.....he could use a bit of an oval belly

U of C Dino

Duck?  Chicken?

Ramon being pulled home from school

Ramon took this photo of papa

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Can you spot Carla?  Christmas carols with her kinder class at the local church

Carla with her teacher.....ready for this  name?  Miss Snow.....

Amazing how the Vitamix can make kale taste good!

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Maria in a blur of speed at Jericho beach Vancouver...where the grass is still green in December!

Coach Studley Santa.....up a pole on marathon way in Melbourne, with his students.....chuck a few shrimp on the barbie for us mate!
Merry ho ho ho everyone!