Sunday, September 14, 2014

Paget Peak

With a forecast of heavy snow for the 1st week of September, Ramon and I drove out to Yoho Park the day before the predicted snowfall, to get in one last scramble for the year...well.....unless the snow melts!  Most people head up to the Paget Peak fire lookout, which is a 500m vertical gain: it's another 500m to the top.

Register in the Lookout.  So much for leaving a note for posterities sake!  The critters make short work of that!  We were   there on Sept 7!

About 2/3 of the way up the peak, with Mt. Stephen in the background.  Nearly 2,000 vertical metres of scrambling!  Which I think is the largest vertical gain of any peak in Kane's original guide book.  (The most I've done is 3,000m in one day in Ecuador) Did Mt. Stephen back in 93?  wonder if I'll ever stand on the summit again.

A few firsts for Ramon.  He asked to take his own camera with him......and......

To bring his own pack for the first time!

Chunky limestone makes for fun climbing.

Sherbrooke lake and Ogden peak.  In the background from left to right:  Mt. Field, Wapta, Carnarvon, The Presidents....all of which I climbed many moons ago..........

Keeping warm on the summit.  And yes he carried his own cool shades in his little pack.

Ramon on the summit choss, tossing back some sunflower seeds.  North face of Victoria on the left....Cathedral crags on the right....haven't climbed those!

......and the inevitable rockies scree on the way down!!

.....woke up to this the next morning.....

......and this :)