Sunday, August 29, 2010

Volcan Pichincha Rucu 4700ishm Starring Studley, Squirrel and Peter

I thought this was a walk up? Aren't we a bit off route here?

One friendly bird....lookin' for scraps along the trail.

Summit "view"

Lost in the foggy paramo (alpine)

Look guys...I found Quito

This being the last day of Studley's adventure in Ecuador, he had yet to live up to his nickname. After a wicked night out, he confided that he couldn't remember her name in the morning....was it Bertha?.....Daisy?.....

Can't beat having an outdoor food stall at the bottom of a scramble. Wild mint tea (Zunfo), Corn on the cob (Choclo), Broad beans (Habas), Humitas, Tamalas, Picados, Cafe etc YUM!

But all that lunch wasn't enuf for a few hungry scramblers and the kids. So Studley shouted us veggie pizza (very light on the cheese) that night in Tumbaco. Wood fired oven...very classy place...just can't remember the name. But we'll take you there if you come and visit us!

See you in a few years for the next Endorphin Adventure Studley! that is

Just an assortment of rag tag pics. Ramon on his co-pilot bike yesterday. We did 10km to a school and back. Photo taken with the camera upside down behind my butt.

Ramon's 1st ever medal. Just like his old man, you get one these days just for showing up.

At Don and Deb's ....what comfy recliners!

Margaret Falls

Studley only reads one book a year he tells me. Guess this is it then.

Airplanes and helicopters, courtesy of Stud and Lib in Oz.

Lunch outside

Making bubbles at the Quito water museum

HOt springs about 13km from the house. There must be at least 15 springs/hot springs around here! Rode out on the tandem/co-pilot with Ramon a few months back.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010