Thursday, July 28, 2016

Summer holidays in Colombia: La Cocha

A bike trip with the kids up over a pass at about 3000m and down to Colombia´s 2nd largest natural lake....La Cocha.

Carla calls this sign, kissing cars.   The no passing sign she calls, no hugging.

Camels in Colombia?

Gotta keep those tummies full!

The island is a national park....we took a boat and did the hike to the other end.  Stay in the village below in the foreground. of the sources of the amazon

Sopa de verduras


Didn´t know they shot him too....

salsa de tomate

go army go


Bit chilly Carla?

Look up to the roof of the forest

the island is full of bromiliads

The angelic tree hugger... if you look will see the monkey puzzle trees I call a jigsaw puzzle

the sunglass bear....the only one i´ve ever seen was in the calgary zoo

canchas de zapo

Yup its cold up at this lake....and now central heating....

fresh flowers....

now ain´t that sweet.....

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