Friday, June 18, 2010

Ultimas Noticias Race and other bits

Above foto in a race magazine, below in the newspaper. Maria was 16th and 1st in her age catagory. Very festive atmosphere and great sense of civic Quito! etc
Never had so many people pat me on the back as they go by! (if only they'd help out and push for a bit :) Ecuador's biggest race....15,000 people....15km

The winner of the mens race...from Colombia

Jefferson Perez...Ecuadorian race walking hero....Gold in Atlanta and silver in Bejing. Ecuador's ONLY olympic medal ever.

Same guy different race.

No toilet...gotta make do!

This pair were amazing! He ran with his daughter on his shoulders for the whole 15km!

Spot Ramon. Nursery class.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Running article in Calgary Herald-Chariot racing in Quito, Ecuador

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Beach

Finally made it down to the ocean with the family in tow. Takes anywhere from 6-8 hours on the bus which is a bit much, but the kids handled the travelling very well. (Cost of transport there and back...$27 which included a $15 taxi ride) Went to Cojimies, which is where I ended up on my bike last month, just north of the Equator. Empty beach, empty "resort" (5 beach cabins, 1 of which was occupied). Stayed 3 nights at $30 per night. Cooked meals for all of us cost $67. What a deal! Kids ran up and down the beach from dawn to dusk and slept hard as a result. Ramon was scared of the waves, but Carla didn't mind. Temps were 30 something...high 20's at night.

Running photos-Quito and area

A pro photographer finally caught up with us at the last race with 11 photos from previous races at $2 apiece. These are digital pics of the prints. When Maria finishes, she runs back to make sure her babies are OK...never mind half dead dad :)

Mindo - Year 3 overnight outing

All year groups from Year 3 up, do an overnight residential trip. We chose to go to Mindo and had a super time, with the owner of Mindo Lago, Don Bernardo sharing his knowledge of the cloud forest's flora and fauna.