Saturday, December 6, 2014

Fall into winter....

R and C on what seems to be becoming our annual buzz up Tunnel Mtn.

Pair of silly bums in the bush

Johnstone lake with the jagged tooth of Mt. Louis in the background

At lake Minnewanka

Stewart Canyon

Banff hot springs

Thai restaurant in Banff

Our fave restaurant...a few blocks from our house

Pho Thanh Vietnamese Noodle House

Another go at the climbing wall at MEC

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In a friend's basement

The following scrambles are with Colleagues from work.  Nayem on Yamnuska

The big bad chain on Yam

Cory on Observation peak

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Diana on Cory pass

Miguel and Arce.....glad I don't have to pack that kind of weight anymore!

Little Miss Carla turns 6

....looks like winter is here to stay.....
Last year's precipitation chart for Calgary.  Green is rain and is snow.  .Hey!  5 months of the year without snow!

Maria wins a half the snow

.....just another old goat in the bush