Thursday, July 28, 2016

Summer Holidays in Colombia: Consaca

Did a  one day ride with Ramon, half way around the Volcan to Consaca to celebrate dia del campesino.  Took a mini van back home.

Had you fallen asleep when the bus stopped for a bathroom break?  You have arrived.  Welcome to Pasto.

riding past palma yucca

Volcan Galeras above

Me and my boy!  Old enough to ride on the hiway now.

riding past fique-cabuya....same family as agave in mexico


eating Motilon....a wild highland berry with juice that stains teeth and clothes...


Super Pipe!

riding past sugar cane

The sweet city of Colombia

....with its gothic church

farmer´s day

cousin Janer´s first time eating pizza!  Don Guillermo atras

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