Friday, August 26, 2016

Summer holidays in Colombia: El infiernillo-little hell

Travelling in the 'province' of Narino is mostly what we did this summer.  What a geographically diverse region!  This overnight trip took us from Pasto to Buesaco, Rio Juanambu, and up and over to La Union, where we spent the night.  Next day up and over to San Lorenzo and and a 26km downhill to el cross the Rio Juanambu again at a much hotter place....40 or so degrees.  Then a 4 km climb back up to the Pana and a ride home.

Couple of has beens who can't seem to get their big guts out of the chair at Wilfredo's place to start cycling....downhill even!

So they say.......Best climate in the world.

Bridge over the Rio Juanabu

The juice lady

Vlady sampling the Mandarin sweet

Wilfredo picks out a juicy papaya

No shortage of coffee around these parts.....

Just another windy, curvy Colombian road.  New cement.

Lucho and Wilfredo

I was dragging my butt up this hill until this lady showed me how it's done!

Lucho and Wilfredo sharing panniers...thier first time with a rack and panniers

Fresh mora-blackberry harvest

Cycling up a steep hill, against traffic while taking pictures!

So you gotta do a number 2 with no where to go?  Just ask a resident if you can use their bathroom.  Try that in Calgary!

At 68, Wilfredo is just too fast for the rest of us.  Here he is waiting for us to catch up.

San Lorenzo 2100m

'Cuy flavour'.....

The town 'queen' as San Lorenzo was in the midst of their yearly celebrations.

Cimarones.....on the mesa....Rio Juanabu way down below and volcan Galeras top left

Note the road mid left that cuts below the rock face?  That is the Panamerican hiway!  

Closer look.  Tunnel top left.  We rode down to the river and then up the curves to the panam hiway.

Vlady and Lucho...Wilfredo was long gone!

Tunnel hi up on the pana

Wilfredo's wife betty picked us up on the pana and drove us back to Pasto.

The next day found us in Cali after a 7 hour drive. Ramon, Isa, Hector, Maria and Carla

Wonderfully shaded plaza.

...with pink flowers helicoptering down.

No sun burn until the last day of vacation

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Family photo 2016

Summer holidays in Colombia: A ride down to Sandona with Ramon

When in Colombia, one must drink coffee

Cabuya.  The fiber from the plant below.....used to make burlap sacks and I´m not sure what else


Using machetes and ladders to keep the growth back from the hiway.

Referendum coming up regarding peace.  How could anyone say no???

Un trapiche-a sugar cane factory....squeeze out the juice, boil and reduce.

.....and pour into molds

Ramon got to package a few blocks of panela.  We bought a few and they were still warm when we got home.

Farmer taking his sugar cane to the trapiche.

Grab a banana Ramon!

Sandona....a fave cycling destination

....where they make sombreros

Just in case you couldn´t find the church...this sign should help.  Someone cheekily scratched 5km on the sign.

Sopa de cebada....remolacha y pastel de maduro....for 2.50 CAD

The restaurant owner chasing away a begger.  I asked him if he goes to the massive church across the street and what his god might have to say about his actions.

40 plus years fixing bikes!  Hand sanding the frame to repaint.

The easy ride back home....1 hour.