Sunday, May 4, 2008

My Bike Trip in Colombia - by Ramon TZ

Just watching the pretty girls go by....
Spectacular scenery

We stayed here

San Francisco

Doesn't dad have any new, cool music?

Cycling paradise

Mom! What are you doing?!
Doin' the wave
Hi dad!
What's this thing that's always covered with a diaper?

Visiting kids at Rio Frio school

My dad's student - Daniel U

Yummy Yummy in my tummy
One of my admirers

Hi there....My dad asked me to write you a trip report about my bike holiday inColombia. Well it wasn't really a tour of's such a big country with so much to see! As much as I enjoy touring in my veryown bike trailer, I don't like to sit for more than 3-4 hours a day though. That means my mom and dad only pedal about about 30kms at day. My dad would like to go further, but he's getting too old and can't pedal any faster. He even left the tent and sleeping bags at home so he wouldn't have to carry so much wieght. I'm a big boy now! I'm 12kilos! Also, my mom has a 3 month old baby in her tummy, so she couldn't pedal any farther or faster either.
That's OK though...wegot to stay in hotels all the time and some even had swimming pools! My dad always picks the cheap ones and only pays between 10 and 30USD....that's OK as long as he spends what he saves on more toys for me and my own bike when I'm older! The last hotel I didn't like though....the roosters started crowing at 3:30 am and I had nightmares of giant roosters trying to eat me and I cried a long time!
So here is where we went:
We left right from my apartment in Bogota and went to Sopo to visit one of dad's students, Daniel, who fell on his head and had to stay inthe hospital. I fall on my head all the time.... and I tell's not much fun! I'm glad he's OK, he even showed me how toskateboard!
Then we went to Zipaquira....lot's of pretty girls in the plaza.
The third day we went downhill.....yipeee!!!! Pacho and stayed 2 days, swimming in my favorite pool. That's where I fell on my head running dad says he won't let me do that again...I think dad felt really bad.
Then we went to says that in English it means "your foot" I saw lots of dad says they're called cows. I see them before he does, cause he getting old and he can't see so well anymore.
Then to SanFrancisco....I think dad is a bit mixed up with his geography cause Iknow SF is in the USA.
Then we went back up the mountain 1/2 way toLa Cumbre....that's where I had rooster nightmares. On the last day we went to the top of the hill and back down to Bogota, right to our apartment. 217kms
I had so much fun that now I want to go to Bolivia and Chile with dad this summer.....but he says I'm too little....maybe when I get older.I hope you like the dad wrote something underneath each one. I hope you can join us next time!Love RamonXXXXOOO