Thursday, November 8, 2012

Quick trip to Salmon Arm

Uncle Skip celebrates his 55th
Flying over the Panama canal.....East side, Colon
Skip's new tank
Mom and daughter hadn't seen each other for about 4 years.
Great Grandma looking very stylish
The quilt ladies
The view from great grandma's window
Flowers from Clifford
Rocky Don and Deb's yard
Dinning out at the Picadilly
Hadn't seen Julie for over 10 years!
Great grandma's sidekick
Don's Halloween sidekick's
Gordon is almost skinny!
Daddy's girl
Ready to fly back home with bellies full of chicken wings and calamari.  Great to have finally met Erin!
Who's catching up to who here?

4 flights to get to Kelowna and 4 more back, including a red eye flight....but it was well worth it to see everyone!


Carlita turns 4
Dad turns 50
Maria turns 42......Ramon has to wait until Dec 30 to be 6