Sunday, May 14, 2017

Late Spring

Spring 'showers' ....Calgary style

IHOP pancake fix in Kelowna (no chinese food on this menu!)

Tulip tree

Another trip down memory lane.  Last year it was Vancouver, this year........

Ramon's first time up the summit platter at Lake Lousie.

....and down the backside :)

Spring skiing on the backside.  Record snowfall this spring.

....don't be goin' any further boy....

Le Tabernac!

Can you see Snoopy having a nap?

Tabernac giving Ramon his first gringe.

Feeding the Wiskeyjacks at Temple Lodge.

Look at that boy go!  Guess that's the end of the road for Nakiska after 2 years of season's passes.  Hard to beat LL.

Dad gets his kicks now too, with Ramon going the easier way down the backside.  (Studley...stay away from the rocks!)

Heading up the OLD paradise chair, which was brand NEW when I was skiing back in arount 82 ish.

Doesn't get better than this.  Spring skiing the backside of LL  with my little man :)

Camping at Bow Valley to the mighty Yam.

The Prairie Crocus, or Anemone patens, is not a true Crocus but is instead a part of the Buttercup family.  Who knew.

Hey ....Boo Boo!  Yes Yogi?  Let's go get us a Park Ranger for lunch.

Tufu dogs for dinner...yuk.....doesn't work without grease.

....and marshmellows for breakfast.  Can you believe it?  What happened to dad....a tufu dog must have bitten him in the......

Fire roasted Spaghetti Squash for lunch......that's better!

Dancing along the Bow

Peek a boo!

Italian Dolomites?  Nah...just the Canadian Rockies.

Kevin on his way up Mt. Wendell.

James working his way along Wendell's NW ridge.

James heading up the crux.

Just seconds from the summit.