Saturday, August 17, 2013


The mighty Yam with 900 vertical metres.  This photo is off the internet....shows the summit scree run down the west side.

Al's sole separated from the boot.  Surgical tape, hockey tape and a bungee cord did the trick.

Ramon took this shot on the way home.  We went up the RHS and traversed to the summit and down the LHS, traversed below the rock face to the line of scree you see in the middle.

Ramon leading the way.

Al in action

Room with a view for this little guy....

On the ledges.....chain has replaced the cable

Ramon and Tigger on the summit

Al had climbed this peak 42 years ago!  Looses his sole just below the summit

The long scree ride, just below the rock face

Ramon in action

Cooling off on the way down.

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