Saturday, August 31, 2013

Summer in Canada

This is the posting with the most photos ever....130 or so, as we've been having too much fun to for me to sit down and make regular posts.  As I write this, I have a teaching position, grade 3/4 at Hillhurst Elementary, so I'll have even less time in the near future, so I thought I'd better get this posted or it wouldn't happen at all.  So the pics mostly speak for the kids have adapted to life in least when it's warm and the sun shines!  This is our new car....a Toyota Tercel 95 Automatic, 180,00kms for $1700. 

Ramon and the Kananaskis river

Sylvie and Carla squeezing oranges.  Thanks for the the furniture and toys Sylvie!

The long daylight hours really tired out the kids!  A few photos below.....

Thorncliffe Public Library

Ramon has 3 bikes now....this one being the biggest and he handles it well.  He sure loves the freedom of the pathways in Calgary.....more pics below.

Carla and Grandma Lori

At tia debs and tio don's place in Salmon Arm.  Made 2, week long trips this summer.

Great Grandma Thelma at age 95

Grandma Lori

Back into my mountains!  The pointy one is Sir Donald

Lake Lousie

Lots of splash parks this summer....this one in Salmon Arm


.....and Lynne....good friends who picked us up from the airport with our mountain of luggage and helped to get us settled in, in more ways than one!  Thank you both!

Carla's new tag a long....same as the one in Ecuador which we gave to a friend in Cali.  In Ecuador I paid $ Calgary thru Kijiji....$50

BBQ veg burgers and garden salad at Al and Lynn's

....along with some marshmellows in Al's funky fireplace home

This little car can haul anything....note the sleds on the back bike rack. the downstairs shower

 Lake Sikome sure is cold!

Fish Creek

....and a summer of playgrounds!  There are SO many.

Carla's new bike

Bowling on a rainy day at the community centre

Douglas fir trail in the city

Our dinning room....still have the wall hanging Karen....still looks great 10 years later

Picking beans in Tia Deb's garden

.....and eating her blackberries

Shuswap lake is much warmer than Calgary water!

Ramon sure loves riding in Lightening McQueen!

Music on the Wharf in Salmon Arm

Carla and mama

Grandma Lori, Uncles Mike and Don

Water slide in Salmon Arm

Connecting Great Grandma Thelma on Skype with Karen and Ryan in Halifax

Carla and Ramon in another splash park in Calgary

Cheeseless pizza

Carla with her new friend Hannah

Food does grow in Calgary!

Cherries too!

Maria won the Calgary women's 10k..... a time of 37:28....only 12 secs slower than her 1997 time!  (6 seconds for each kid?)

Grassi Lakes Canmore

Quarry Lake Canmore....with Ha ling peak above, which Ramon climbed the week before

Mont also gave us a pile of furniture....all the way from Enderby!  Thanks Mont!  (and thanks to Dan, of whom I don't have a photo for furniture as well!)

1st day back in our house

Maria won the Stampede 10k the morning after our flight from Quito....good for $200

Pre roof building materials from a neighbour for a bike shed

Canoe beach

Carla Thelma with Great Grandma Thelma

Picking cherries in Salmon Arm

washing the car

Going for a bike ride on the pathways in downtown Calgary

....and on nose hill  10 minute ride from our house

Where the Spray river meets the Bow river in Banff

Bow falls in Banff

Mouth full of cherries

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The van we bought 2 days ago.  93 Volkswagen Eurovan CV Diesel 5 speed standard with 320kms on it for $4.000.  He was asking 10,500 and had to move to Newfoundland the next day.....hence the low price.  Stove, sink, fridge, sleeps 4

Ramon in the pop top

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Lots of head room!

A lot of rust though......the owner's daughter flowered the van.....easy to peel off though!

That's it, that's all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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