Saturday, August 17, 2013

Adios Ecuador! from our last days....

4 great years in Ecuador!  A goodbye meal with the Castaneda family.

How about those smiles!

Carla and cousin maf

Cousin Mafe and Carlita

Ramon looses his 1st tooth!

Cris, Carla, Ramon and Mafe

...with tio Carlos

Carlita and Papi Ramon

Carlita, Isa, Mafe

All the kids....Vilma, Hector, Wilson, Carlos, order of age.

Ramon reading for the big slide down.


Mira, Carchi

Could prices be any lower?


Don Hector

Socio Sucio....Tio Modesto

Carlos and Cris

Wilo and Papi Mon

Sleeping beauties

Carlita and Tia Vilmis

Load of furniture from our house

and the rest fit in the car....barely

Dario squished in the back....Nicky Duck, Adriana and Pato

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