Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ha Ling Peak (Chinaman's)

Ramon on the summit of Ha Ling peak.  2:15 up 700 vertical metres.  Two 66 year olds, Al and Paul and 6 year old Ramon.  Lynne and I both being 50.  Super clear day.  Could see part of Calgary and Mt. Temple

Ramon and Lynne with Mt. Laurence Grassi in the background

What does one do when one has time to laze around?

Al ponders the drop

Paul, Ramon and Lynn approaching the summit

Lynne's turn to ponder....

The dynamic duo

Yippee!  Rundle in the background

garden pea pods and dill pickles....Ramon's fave foods on the summit....courtesy of Al

Al ready for take off....Main peak of Rundle in the background

Canmore below

The resident Chipmunk

Ramon's 5th peak this year.  EEOR in the he wants to do the donkey mountain next.

Marmot pondering the mess humans have made below in Canmore....not the expanded Cougar Creek

Ha Ling Peak in the background

Lucky spotting Mtn Goats this year!

Cool dude.....

Al's 3rd peak .....good for a snooze on 2 of them so far.

Ramon shoving something sharp up Al's butt.....don't me!

Ramon hitting the scree

Paul ready for the scree

What an action shot of Al and Lynn (shouldn't ladies go first so she doesn't choke on your dust Al?)

Lynne's first time on running shoes no less!

Ramon is surely thinking...."don't run me over Lynne!!!"

Ramon went back up 1/2 way twice.....he'll do any mtn as long as there is scree!

Cooling off in the canal with EEOR in the background

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