Saturday, August 17, 2013

Mt. Fairview

Mt 1000m vertical gain.....Al and Ramon in grizzly country

Low fog over the Bow river valley

Maria in the Larches

Lynne and Carla in the Larch meadows

Watch for grizzlies.  Coooooeeeeee!

Carla in Pj's for the whole climb

Al catching his breath.  Temple in the background.

Al, Lynne and Temple

Carla nearing the summit with Aberdeen in the background

Bit of summit Yoga

Maria, Carla, Lynne, Ramon in his cool headgear

Super age 66

Tree pose!

Carla's first summit!  I carried her 3/4 of the way down.

Yay Carlita!!!!!!!

Al enjoying a summit snooze.


....gotta eat some!

Coolin' our heals in frigid Lake Louise  (Note:  We met a climber in his 70's on the summit, who died climbing Mt. Victoria, in the background, a few days later :(

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