Monday, April 1, 2013

Imbaburra 4630m

Looking a little worse for wear after 2 mountains in as many days.  (sorry M...had to publish it  :)
However, there's nothing like vegan pancakes, with homemade blackberry jam and 4:30 in the morning for an alpine start!
Looking much better here and we get started on the lower slopes

Cayambe in the background....only place on earth with 0 latitude and 0 degrees temperature

Everything is in bloom in the paramo/alpine during the wet season

More high altitude "pineapple"  Sorry....I'm not good at remembering the names of these plants

...except for this one....miniature Indian paint brush!  They are much bigger in Canada

Watch that exposure!

One of 2 cruxes
Emily approaching the summit

On the north summit....slightly lower than the south summit....too much exposure to traverse the exposed crater rim in very dense cloud.

coming down

5 different buses to get home.....the last one was jam packed.....and free

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cass said...

Vegan pancakes and homemade jam sounds delicious. Not necessarily at 4.30am though...