Monday, April 1, 2013

Illinza Norte 5126m

Emily at the Refugio at 4700m

The Illinizas....we climb the one on the right....up the ridge and down the line thru the scree

Master chef Freddy in the kitchen

Some light snow in the afternoon

Another alpine start....

Emily grinding it out on the slag heap

Corazon, Atacazo, Las Pichinchas and Cotocachi....looking north


A third of the way up the mountain

Cotopaxi in the background

Hugging the rock on the Paso de la Muerte....death pass.....not a problem in dry conditions

Final push to the summit

View to the south....Illiniza Sur....about 200m higher and the most technically demanding peak I've climbed

Cotopaxi about the cloud

Mountain woman M on the summit!

Whacha gonna climb in Nova Scotia Emily?

10 minutes on the windy summit

Just hanging out

Major scree blast

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