Monday, April 1, 2013

Cununyacu 4

A collection of photos from the last month or so.  Maria with her mom on Skype for the first time.

This has NOT been photoshopped!

Uncle G

Emily after climbing her first real mountain ever!

Pizza pigout, courtesy of Uncle Gordon

The boy

A couple of gringo tourists

Sangolqui church love red meat

....a few more tourists in Ecuador

An afternoon at Maria's cousin's place in the countryside

Niece Emily with her great uncle G

Sinead, Lily and Aisling....hiking the Chaquinan

Aisling is Carla's star nursery teacher

Sinead and Emily hit the salad bar at Waffles and Crepes

Emily having a siesta at Maria's cousin's place

Carla knows what's good for her

Carla with one of her idols, Marti Herrera, who was in my class last year.

Emily in the Herrera mansion


Sinead and her billion dollar baby.  Cheaper to fly from Panama to pick up her cash, as the gov't takes 5% to transfer it out!

Emily and Sinead at the Herreras

No P in this ool

Papa's sweetie

Carla with her grandparents and cousin Mafe, during a recent visit to Pasto

La mami Maruja's 81st birthday

Trimming that rat's nest back there.

A hummingbird that couldn't get out of the house.

The little man in action

What a pair!

Ramon flying kites in Quito....

Our bi-weekly veg truck....all our visitors love this rolling supermarket

Carla flying her kite

Gordon and Emily doing the downhill bike run into Banos...1000m DH

Too many jokes could be made here.....

Lychee nuts

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