Monday, April 1, 2013

Fuya Fuya 4263m

Twin summits of Fuya Fuya

Emily and Jeferson, hiking up through the thick paramo grass

Lake Mojanda in the early morning hours

Volcan Imbaburra in the LHS background....our objective the next day

Cayambe to the left....and Cerro Negro to the right

The true summit....with snow of the crux, we had to bushwhack around it to get to the summit

Jeferson and last night's fresh snow

Emily on her 2nd summit

Spiny high altitude relative of the pineapple

Pine box drop!

Love this singular cloud

Jeferson, yours truly and Emily on the 2nd/lower summit


cass said...

What a cracker!

cass said...

What a cracker! How I miss Ecuador when I see your photos...