Sunday, April 28, 2013

A weekend bike ride in the Intag region

Ana K has been staying in our casa de cana guest house for  few week now.  She's cycling solo from Alaska to TDF, via as many back/dirt roads as possible.  Check out her excellent website at
We did a little weekend tour, down the west side of the Andes to Nanegalito and up to the hotsprings for the night, just before the small village of Apula at about 1300m.....the next day we climbed 42km on dirt roads up 2000m, just below the face of this mtn....Cotacachi
Lots of signs, but the only andean bear I've ever seen is in the Calgary Zoo!
Road side snack shop
With my fave Ecuadorian meal....big, "meaty" Choclo
Got slammed with rain at the top....and then freewheeled down to Quiroga, near Otavalo

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