Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas in Colombia

Sure doesn't feel like xmas to me, but there are alot of reminders about it. Plastic trees and lights, but no snow, no cold, and everything is green! Found some snow in a mall....sort of....plush, white carpet and bits of styrofoam......I wonder if Ramon remembers what the real thing is like from his time last year in Salmon Arm and Halifax.

And of course, there is such an amazing variety of flowers all year.....including orchids.

Ended this week's hike in some wonderful hotsprings. Ramon was in the warm, kids pool for 2 hours! He had eaten a ton of fresh strawberries along the way and pooped big time in the pool! Fortunately I had one of those swimming diapers on him and nothing escaped!

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Aubrey Groves said...

Some great photos Dude