Friday, November 28, 2008

Carla's 1st ride in the Chariot

When we bought the bike trailer Chariot last was all we could find in Bogota. Fortunately, it was a top quality piece of equipment (made in Calgary no less!).....However, it was made for two and at the time, we were not planning on expanding our family of three. So we both think that purchasing a trailer for 2 had something to do with Carla's arrival!

I ordered the front tire piece that converts it into a jogger and it worked quite well on the ciclovia last Sunday. Ramon cuddled up to her and consoled her when she cried from time to time.....but mostly she slept.

Both in training already! He runs much faster withOUT the diaper! and mom needs to loose 5-6 kilos to run faster.....(if only it was as easy as chucking a diaper)

She does have dad's bluish eyes....but they sure look brown to me on the computer screen. Have to wait a few more months to see if they will change.

This thing even has shocks! and will fold in half with a bit of persuasion.

He really is sweet with his sister. Don't think Karen would say the same about me though :)

Life at it's best.....out in the whinning!
Mom and Carla's 1st hike. Ramon showed there where to find all the mushrooms....or jampooms has he calles them.

I think my godfather kinda likes me.....

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