Friday, December 26, 2008

Volan Galeras above the city of Pasto

Galeras is on the Decade Volcanoes list....the top ten in the world most likely to erupt. Its last eruption in 1993 killed nine people...vulcanologists and 3 tourists: I didnt linger long at the summit....there was no one else there, as its been closed to tourists for years....I wonder why.

Bít unnerving with the off and on blasts of gases from the cone in the crater, but not as unsettling as looking down into Volcan Pacaya in Guatemala at sunset a few years back, to see the lava bubbling below.

Can´t seem to get my photos is the correct order....but Im sure youll figure it out.

The cone in the crater.

Part of the crater with the cone to the left.


Summit ridge and tourist longer in use, as its been ripped apart by projectiles.

A closer look at the walk way lookout.

Paramo vegetation.

Im told they were swept years ago. But I stuck to the old tire tracks anyways and treaded softly :)

Frailejone above Pasto.

Rich soil on lower slopes.

Why aint that just purdy.