Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Jampum bashing

The fine art of jampum bashing. Well, that's what Ramon calls it anyways. Mushrooms that is. So what is dad teaching him? To go around bashing everything in the forest? Well there are alot around (and this will spread even more spores to make even more jampums!) and you can't eat these ones. I have fond memories of picking mushrooms with grandpa. At least the ones we picked (shaggy manes and button/meadow mushrooms) were edible! Will have to pick a few edibles in his memory one day.

2/3 of the way back down the mtn above Bogota. Mom and Carla in her warm bear suit.

Throwing rock, leaves, fern branches in the creek.

Love that green.

Candle night....start of xmas season. Most people from our apt building sat out side and chatted and ate some traditional Colombian deserts. Ramon was a star, being the only toddler.

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