Thursday, December 18, 2008

Visting relatives in Cali and Pasto

A 12 hour bus ride from Bogota got us to modern bus with AC, but it sure was a long day with 2 kids! Spent 3 days in hot, humid Cali at 1,000m and this is the ¨cool¨ season....visiting Maria´s 2 brothers and their families. Then onto Pasto yesterday....a 9 hour bus ride on an old bus without AC. Well, we sure saw alot of stunning scenery that we wouldn´t have if we would have flown! However, we will definately be flying back! I´m off to Ecuador tomorrow for a few days of volcano bagging/hiking. Maria will stay in Pasto with the kids and family.

Wilson the PE teacher and his partner Carmen, also a teacher.

Boy did he get shaved!

Mom too!

My cousin Cindy and I

Even though I´m a big boy now, I still need my milk and my teddy.

Poolside Cali

Hanging out at Rio Pance , with my uncle Wison and my cousin Wilson Andres.

Red ants bite says dad, so I better not stick my finger in the hole.

Hanging it out at the Rio Pance

Love the contrast of the 2 different hair types-styles. Hey I have a bald spot in the middle just like my dad!

I´m still tiny

Practicing for when I visit my twin uncles in Chetwynd and Whitehorse.

Me and my Tia Carmen....she´s my Colombian godmommy too!

Boy does this kid sweat easily...esp in the heat and humidity of Cali.

Me and my tio Hector....he´s my Colombian Godfather.

Me and my tia Diana

I have big eyes, just like my brother.

3 generations.....

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