Thursday, August 18, 2016

Summer holidays in Colombia: Up and over Volcan Azufral

What a spectacular and difficult ride.  Lots of single track, which I don´t normally do.  Fell over the handle bars a few times in the decsent.  About 15 km up to 4000m, traverse along the top of the volcano, and then way, way down for a total of about 45km.  Spent the night in Piedrancha and rode back up the main hiway the next day.  There were about 300 cyclists in this ´tour´...not a race.  Above: from Pasto to Tuquerres in a Chiva.

Chuchinga!  Cuando nos vamos para Mocoa, sin montar en volqueta???

Cool shirt... the dedo de dios, finger of god they call a foto below

Laguna Verde below, where Maria and I camped 20 years ago.  Never imagined riding a bike up this volcano!

Extreme wind and a wee bit chilly....

Awesome trail.... the sandy paramo


El Dedo de Dios......

The dude who patched me up after my crash.  Thanks bub!

The gingo-Canada fame thing...

Mini tour of Colombia cheering squad.  Great that the locals came out to cheer us on!

Is there another option???

....maybe thru this field of opium poppies....amapola they don´t call me ´joven´ any more (young person)...but theCanadian jersey still pulls in the chicks :)   

Shaking down down some guayabas for breakfast the next morning.

....gee....I wonder why.

Back up the Nariz del diablo


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