Thursday, August 18, 2016

Summer holidays in Colombia: Down to the scorching heat of cactus land

Day trip from Pasto down to the heat with my buddy Lucho el sastre :)

Peanut country....sorting out the baddies

Lucho talking up the good life of being a cyclist.

Recycling in the middle of nowwhere

Note the helmet.  A lot of people ride around with the helmet on top of their heads....both in cool and hot climates.  Seems to be the cool thing to do.  In the country side, most people don´t bother with one at all.

Mexicans eat the fruit (Tuna) and the cactus (Nopal) but not in Colombia.

Have irrigation...will grow....

The snake...

And the new bridge ( 5 months old) over the Rio Juanambu

Too hot for the helmet with a stiff 9km climb out of the inferno, up to the main hiway.

Had to beg for some liquids from a farm house.  They made us real lemonade :)

Hitching a ride back up to Pasto.

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