Thursday, August 18, 2016

Summer holidays in Colombia: A ride down to Sandona with Ramon

When in Colombia, one must drink coffee

Cabuya.  The fiber from the plant below.....used to make burlap sacks and I´m not sure what else


Using machetes and ladders to keep the growth back from the hiway.

Referendum coming up regarding peace.  How could anyone say no???

Un trapiche-a sugar cane factory....squeeze out the juice, boil and reduce.

.....and pour into molds

Ramon got to package a few blocks of panela.  We bought a few and they were still warm when we got home.

Farmer taking his sugar cane to the trapiche.

Grab a banana Ramon!

Sandona....a fave cycling destination

....where they make sombreros

Just in case you couldn´t find the church...this sign should help.  Someone cheekily scratched 5km on the sign.

Sopa de cebada....remolacha y pastel de maduro....for 2.50 CAD

The restaurant owner chasing away a begger.  I asked him if he goes to the massive church across the street and what his god might have to say about his actions.

40 plus years fixing bikes!  Hand sanding the frame to repaint.

The easy ride back home....1 hour.

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