Thursday, August 18, 2016

Summer holidays in Colombia: A day at Villa Claudia

About an hour down and out of Pasto near the airport, some relatives have a house with a pool.  This is the temperate zone....not to hot and not too cold.  Tio Lucho and Maria admiring the view down to the Rio Juanambu.

Wilson and Tomas

Picked up some blue-green chicken eggs from the neighbors.

Maria doing some laps.

Las chicas....

The old man with two young chics.


Maria talking chisme with Tia Cris

Hector and Diana taking a break from the big city life in Cali.

Hector and Diana

Isa, Carolina, Chinchon, Ramon

And the namesake of the hija Claudia....friends with Maria since they were young kids.

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