Monday, August 8, 2011

Stampede breaky; school awards; hiking; Pasto

Stampede breaky and Canada day celebration just 3km down the road from our place. Carla hob nobbing with the Canadian ambassador to Ecuador.

Great shirt and a very cute little daddy´s girl!

The obligatory pancakes, powdered OJ and bacon.

Carla survives 3 months in nursery with Ramon.
Best sports person in his class...well done little man!
Ramon "graduates" from nursery and moves on to kindergarten now.
Carla´s 1st ever medal...taking after mom already.

Carla at the primary the dress that Aunty Annette made for her.

Shaggy manes growing at 3700m! fried ´em up!

Paper bark tree

She just didn´t want to give up this dead mouse....we tried to bury him under a pile of flower petals...had to drag her away.

Maria in the waterfall.

drove up to 4,000m in a rental 4 by 4

...and found this lake....laguna mojanda

With grandpa Ramon in Pasto

With cousin Mafe

What a dimple!

...yet another race and another $150 prize

The fruit and veg truck that come to our house 2 or 3 times a week.

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