Monday, August 8, 2011

Cycling to the coast and back up...with pneumonia

Well, well....Studley "Rango" was in town for the 2nd consecutive summer, to team up for another endorphin adventure. He didn´t fare so well this time as you can see from the above photo...upon return to Oz, he was diagnosed with pneumonia, which he likely had the whole month he was here. I have no idea how he managed to bike up to 4000m and cycle 1,000km on this trip. That skinny little streak of Rango shit is one tough turd.

The vultures were at him, just before we arrived. Studley could sense the vultures circling him more than a few times on this trip.

This little guy fared better.

The new turtle look. Yup... a shave all round reveals that squirrel has no upper lip and has a somewhat uncanny resemblance to a smiling turtle.

More wild life.

Crab on the road...100k inland.

cocao in the foreground...palm oil trees in the background.

Tour of a palm oil extraction plant...buring the remains in the´s only in the high 30´s outside...but Studley Rango and his pneumonia, has the chills.

Palm oil thingies

Studley Rango struttin´ his stuff.

Studley up to his usual tricks.

After pestering-running along side Studley for a few kms...Diego got his ride....


The erotic chicken restaurant.

Some shots of the locals...

National Geographic eyes

Lady and her grapefruit(s)

Offering us a shot of aguardiente upon arrival in said village.

Deadbeats for rent....did I include myself in that one?

A snowcapped Tungarahua in the background...spent xmas eve in the crater at 5000m in 1995.

aahhh...such peaceful riding

Our mighty Giant Iguanas have been doing it all for 15 plus years.

21km on the beach from Bahia de Caraquez to San Clemente...low tide of course.


A few boat rides through the mangrove swamps, to join up some of the off-backroad stretches we took.

We got dropped off at the wrong point after one boat ride...a local helped us out in order to get us out of the swamp and onto the beach near Mompiche.

Near Quilatoa

The 4000m climb...this section shows roughly a 30th of what we climbed


and up...

This should read listed on the internet. Studley´s altimetre was a bit off.

His head in the clouds as usual....Andes dreamin´

The route went roughly....truck to 3000m pass out of quito....Puerto Quito, Viche, Tonchigue, Muisne, Pedernales, Bahia de Caraquez, Bonanza (Joe´s place), Quevedo, some town 2300m up the climb...starts with a P, and a town just outside of Latacunga...truck back home.

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