Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cycling the Amazon...with Ramon and Studley Rango

A little four day jaunt with Ramon and Studley down to the Amazon....on a road I hadn´t been on for 15 years. 4 days and 250km I think. Basically the Coca road...from km 24 on the way to Tena...ending at Lago Agrio.

My little man!

Still with pneumonia and took the bus on the 4th day...although he´s feeling a little volcanic after that energy drink.

Also starring Tigger.

Cockroach in the wilds
Box of yet to be fried chicken
Mama and baby spider

What´s a trip to the Amazon without seeing a monkey?
Either way, I´ve always got this little monkey to look after.
quit playing in the middle of the road kid
Is this why he´s known as Studley? Does he really need a leaf that big to cover up the Studley bits?

Multitasking....talking to mom on the phone.



Volcan Sumaco...makes a rare appearance

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