Thursday, August 18, 2011

Our new home

View out one of the many windows. This is to the west....Quito is up there behind the ridge and volcan Pichincha is the peak in the distance. Looking from 2300m at home to 4700m. There is snow on it about 20 times or so during the year.

5 trips in 2 hours to move 500m across the street. That's brother in law, Carlos in the back...he was a huge help moving and 3 days getting the house set up the way we like it. Gracias Charlis :)

The boyz

Wowee...a bathtub even!

Living room


Gotta have the hammock up 1st!

It's a one bedroom joint....wish dad luck. Loft up the stairs to the right.

This is the guest house....50m from the house. It's a raised, bamboo shack, tin roof, typical of the coast. 3 rooms...electricity, but no water. So there is an guest toilet and sink attached to our house with an outside door...but no you have to ask Carla and Ramon if you can use their bath tub.
We thought we would stay in the same place but the owner reneged on a 2 year renewal that we had signed. All for the better though, as this is $225 cheaper, cleaner and brighter...even if it is smaller and a 5 minute walk to work, rather than 3 mins :) The owners plan on building a bigger house on the lot next year...we'll see how that goes! I expect that Ramon will love to watch the construction.

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