Sunday, November 29, 2009

Trashing the Marriot

Hmmmm what mischief can I get into now?
CBuilder "Bob" and his carboard play house at home. And learning to share it with Carla.
Ramon was a wee bit scared of this tall dude.

We should have brought our swim suits....nobody would have bothered us.

My cousin Dario.

Went up to Quito on Saturday...watched a parade and then went for lunch at the Marriot. Awesome buffet! Kids chucked food all over, while dad tucked into 6 pcs of pumpkin pie and about as many pcs of apple pie. Ramon loved the fist sized prawns. A trail of "destruction" followed as we toured the hotel....petals pulled from roses, crapping on the carpet, kids crawling on glass tables and toilet paper placed in the wash cloth baskets. Well here you put your TP in the basket beside the toilet, so you don't plug up the fragile plumbing...but at the Marriot...the baskets were for dirty hand/face clothes. Didn't want Ramon to start putting the TP in the toilet and confuse the poor kid, and risk plugging up our home plumbing in the process! And a kid size urinal....we just had too much fun :)
Besides, the place was so empty...I'd like to think that by not cleaning up after ourselves that we keep people employed. I mean why take your tray to the garbage bin in fast food places? Amazing how they've trained the public to do that!

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